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About Breakfast Point Childcare

At Breakfast Point Childcare Centre we're for children and their families

Breakfast Point Childcare Centre was founded on a vision of giving children the best possible start in life through access to high quality early childhood learning and care.

Breakfast Point Childcare Centre is an organisation that operates with strong business disciplines. We invest in our, our people and our purpose for the benefit of every child, their family and their individual early learning requirements.

Every day Breakfast Point Childcare Centre management and educators support over 30 families and the 35 children who attend our small 25 place boutique centre. It is our belief that small boutique centres offer a higher quality of childcare through a more individualised support system for children and their families. Small centres create a family atmosphere where the child is seen as an individual and where important nurturing (which is the basis of all early learning developmental) is supported.

Our vision is for all children to have the best possible start in life in order to achieve their full potential in all future learning environments.

Our purpose is to ensure all children receive the most informed, up to date and innovative early learning education possible.

“Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world”.

At Breakfast Point Childcare Centre, children and their families are central to everything we do.

In 2015 a consortium of passionate young business professionals (parents themselves) came together with the sole purpose of formulating an innovative Early Learning Childcare Environment. We have adopted a holistic approach to the childcare field in which we see how in today’s world communities are constantly evolving and growing. We believe as providers of early childhood education and care it is imperative to provide the most up to date information and early childhood education and care possible to the children and families who attend this childcare centre.

We will endeavour to ensure the current and future generation of children, irrespective of life circumstance, are active participants provided with opportunities to flourish and lead productive lives as adults, and we know that our strong commitment and participation in the early learning field will have a significant impact on this goal.

“It Takes a Community to Grow a Child”

We’re driven by three guiding principles:

  1. Children are central and the focus in everything we do
  2. Families are children’s first and most influential educators you are the backbone of the community in which we live.
  3. Community “It takes a community to grow a child” The understanding that we all need to work together to ensure the success of all future generations.

Breakfast Point Childcare Centre Management has set four strategic goals that drive our work:

High Quality: Ensure all of our centres deliver high quality early learning and care in a safe environment.

Inclusion: Enhance outcomes for children in vulnerable circumstances.

Financial Sustainability: Invest in our organisation, our people, our communities and our principles.

Management commitment: Build a strong capable, aligned and engaged workforce capable of delivering high quality early childhood education and care to the local and wider community.

Commitment to quality early learning and care: We consistently work to give children the best possible start in life through access to quality learning in our childcare centre we also advocate the benefits of investing in early learning through policy makers through active participation in the United Voice Childcare union and its represent ivies who work tirelessly to improve the overall childcare environment for children, families and communities, seeking to demonstrate the benefits through quality research and building relationships across the early childhood sector to improve collaboration and outcomes.

Our Program

Breakfast Point School Readiness Program

Management and educators in collaboration with parents have developed an Early Childhood Educational Program which focusses on supporting the needs of young children using a holistic approach to programming in order to prepare children for the coming challenges of kindergarten, school life and beyond. Our literacy and numeracy programs are incorporated into your child’s day at Breakfast Point the programs are formulated based on the child’s individual and collective interests from the environment in which they live. The program is innovative, motivating, engaging and supports each child in the development of self-motivated and positive attitudes towards learning. Our goal is to prepare your child for transition into kindergarten through professional programming and support in all areas of their development; numeracy and literacy skills, social skills including a strong sense of self confidence to achieve future goals and individual aspirations.

Defining school readiness and transition to school programs

  • A school readiness program refers to the daily program which is implemented all year round to promote the development of skills which are optimal for children to possess before commencing school.
  • A transition to school program refers to the additional activities that are offered towards the end of the year to help children prepare for a smooth transition to a school environment.

The main objectives of a school readiness and transition to school program

  • The most important factors associated with a successful start and continued learning at school relate to a child's social and emotional development. Therefore, the centre's primary objective is to develop and enhance children's social and emotional development;
  • To develop skills, abilities, and characteristics which promotes children's ability to become successful learners;
  • To familiarise children with a school environment;
  • To increase awareness of a school routines, rules, and expectations; and
  • To develop realistic expectations of "big school".
  • NB: Whilst early literacy and numeracy is important for preschoolers, formal reading, writing and counting are not important indicators for school readiness.

Indicators that a child is ready for school

A child is ready for school if they display the following skills, characteristics and maturity:

  • Ability to problem solve;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers and teachers i.e. communicate needs, ask and answer questions, retell stories;
  • Ability to deal with, and solve conflict fairly;
  • Ability to form friendships;
  • Ability to relate to teachers;
  • Ability to follow instructions and directions from staff;
  • Ability to take responsibility for their own belongings;
  • Ability to take responsibility for their own behaviours and actions;
  • Ability to focus and not be easily distracted;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Ability to share and turn take;
  • Ability to play cooperatively to meet a common goal;
  • An awareness of rules and the reasons for them;
  • Ability to dress themselves, ties shoe laces, use velcro or buckles, toilet independently, wipe nose, wash hands, and
  • Ability to separate from parent;
  • Ability to sit still and concentrate;
  • Ability to share an adults attention with other children;
  • Ability to adapt to new environment and experiences; and
  • Displays an understanding of functional print.

Suitable skills for a child to acquire before starting school

(The following are not essential criteria in determining if a child is ready for school)

  • Can recognise own name in written format;
  • Can write own name;
  • Begins to recognise letters of the alphabet;
  • Begins to print a few letters from the alphabet;
  • Begins to recognise and print a few numbers;
  • Draws pictures with detail;
  • Sorts objects according to category;
  • Demonstrates the concept of opposites;
  • Hold writing implements using correct grip;
  • Uses scissors with safety and control;
  • Recognises shapes and colours;
  • Can finish a task and tidy up afterwards;
  • Participates in imaginative play;
  • Understands sequence of events; and awareness of road safety and stranger danger.

Latest News & Announcements

As 2018 starts, a few spaces have become available for new intakes!

Promotion for March and April 2018: We are happy for you to trial our centre as we're quite certain your child will love to play and learn at Breakfast Point Childcare centre. So we are offering you two weeks free trial + mention this offer to get $99 per day childcare! This offer is available until 30 April 2018. As we're a boutique 25 space centre, we will fill up quickly. If you would like to apply or have a look at our centre, please do not hesistate to contact us on 02 9736 3951 or email: bpcc_littlegenius@socialme.com.au

New program and toys: As our new management settles in, we're making some positive changes to improve the program and facitilites of the centre! The updates will be implemented throughout March to May, and we hope you enjoy and like the changes. Feel free to give us any suggestions as well!

Meet Our Staff

There's no better team in our minds!

Educators’ practices and the relationships they form with children and families have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning. Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning. Children’s early learning influences their life chances. Wellbeing and a strong sense of connection, optimism and engagement enable children to develop a positive attitude to learning.

The Educators employed at Breakfast Point Childcare Centre are trained professionals who hold a passion and commitment to the early childhood field and the children in their care.



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